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Latest Articles

Concrete - the New Waterproofing Membrane

Advanced concept for commercial waterproofing Thinking about larger-scale waterproofing, for example apartment basements, or exposed rooftop car park decks: in Australia, a membrane is still the most popular method of ensuring that water doesn’t penetrate the ‘dry side’. Waterproofing will always be a significant challenge. Not only is it crucial to keep the usable space […]

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Under-Specifying vs. Over-Specifying: Balancing Design Liability and Project Risk

In this highly litigious modern-day society that we live, arse-covering has turned into an art form. Liability is like a hot potato and it’s all about transferring it away from oneself and onto another party. In engineering and architectural design that other party is usually the contractor. The designer is in a great position to […]

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Transparency Key to Fixing the Building Products Industry

Lacrosse building fire, Neo200 building fire, 150 Collins Street window replacement, Perth Children's Hospital asbestos-containing roof panels, exploding glass balcony balustrades, Infinity cable recall. The list of non-complying building product (NCBP) incidents continues to grow. And these are just the ones getting press. Nearly anyone who works in the industry could tell you about their […]

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The Importance of Floor Screed Design: Part 1

Sand-cement and concrete screeds are often skimmed over or overlooked completely when it comes to design. Often, the guy on the tools on the day of screeding ends up designing the screed. And guess what? He usually doesn’t give two shits about whether the screed will curl, debond, crack, lift or crumble. ..Or whether the […]

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Investigating the Causes of a Leaking Bathroom

Water stained carpet in the hallway. Swollen and flaking bedroom wall. Musty odours near the bathroom. These are just some of the signs that a bathroom is leaking.

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5 Common Liquid Waterproofing Installation Mistakes

Waterproofing is a tedious business. So is carpentry. But unlike carpentry, if you make a waterproofing mistake, the consequences aren’t visible and don’t become apparent until it’s too late. Incorrect waterproofing at critical areas can jeopardise the whole system. Often these important detailing techniques are neglected (sometimes purposely) and slip through the cracks when inspected. […]

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