A more efficient way to find, research and specify technical building products.


Quick and easy search and filtering to help you find products based on performance, quality and compliance.


Our solutions database will help you overcome design and construction obstacles.


Improve design success and sleep easy knowing you've specified better.

Greater clarity, transparency and impartiality in product selection.

Our Platform

SpecCave is an advanced product finder, recommendation site and informational resource for the construction industry. Our organised and structured database connects building professionals with better design and construction solutions.

We seek to optimise information flows, promote transparency, facilitate discovery and drive adoption of innovative products to improve the design process.
We believe that through greater transparency of information and sharing of technical knowledge we can make a more effective and efficient industry through increases in the output of human capital and better allocation of materials resources. 

Increasing the effectiveness of communication between suppliers, specifiers, building contractors and certifiers can improve the process of product selection, sourcing, use and certification.

SpecCave endeavours to provide an impartial platform which improves accessibility to technical information, promotes industry collaboration, drives inspiration amongst professionals, and improves the methods of project design and delivery.

Our Beliefs

Our vision is an open, transparent and collaborative building product industry which facilitates more effective materials selection and specification.

For Suppliers

In the modern digital era, keeping pace can be difficult for businesses whose foundations are built on outdated marketing and sales tactics.

SpecCave provides an unparalleled digital marketing solution for product suppliers. We provide a range of unique services to help you focus on the key ingredients of digital marketing success.

We understand your clients needs and work with you to tailor an effective digital strategy in order to win online. 

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