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Our goal is to build the most convenient, comprehensive and useful product finder on the web. But we need your help to make SpecCave better. 

Leave us some feedback and tell us what you think. Let us know what products you would like to see listed and what you think might make finding and specifying products easier.

Suppliers & Manufacturers

We want to speak to you about your digital marketing problems so we can help you get better results online. 

We strive to make it easier for building professionals to find and specify your products and provide a platform for communicating your unique offering effectively.

Builders & Contractors

Reach out if your interested in listing as an accredited installer on product database to get exposure to new clients.

Job Seekers

We will be on the lookout for highly driven and enthusiastic web specialists in the near future. Submit an expression of interest below.


SpecCave is Australia's first and only independent product finder and recommendation site for the construction industry. If you think this presents an opportunity as much as we do then reach out below for more info and to obtain an investor information pack.

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