Liquid-Applied Under Tile Balcony Deck Waterproofing Membranes 2019

  • ARDEX WPM 001 (Superflex Premixed) - Single Component Water-Based Acrylic Undertile Membrane for Internal and External Wet Areas.
  • ARDEX WPM 002 (Superflex Two Part) - Water-based fast-drying acrylic undertile membrane for internal and external wet areas.
  • ARDEX WPM 155 Rapid - Single Component Fast-Drying Polyurethane-Acrylic Undertile Membrane for Internal Wet Areas.
  • ARDEX WPM 157 - One-Part Solvent-Based Polyurethane Membrane for External Decks and Planter Boxes.
  • Bostik Dampfix Gold Grey - Class 3, water-based polyurethane waterproofing membrane system.
  • Bostik Dampfix Immersed - Two part, water-based, acrylic-modified, cement-based, Class 3 waterproofing membrane system.
  • Bostik Dampfix Rapid - Rapid drying waterbased polyurethane, Class 3 waterproofing membrane.
  • Envirosystems Enviro 700PUR - Single component, low odour polyurethane elastomer waterproofing membrane.
  • Fosroc Nitoproof 750 - Flexible One-Part Solvent-Based Polyurethane Membrane for Internal and External (Non-Exposed) Use.
  • Fosroc Nitoproof 810 - Highly-Flexible Water-Based Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane.
  • Fosroc Nitoproof 310 - Fibre Enhanced Water Based Latex Membrane for Internal and External Wet Areas (Under Tiles).
  • Fosroc Nitoproof 410 - Fast Drying Flexible Water Based Cementitious Waterproofing Membrane for External (Protected) Use.
  • Gripset 2P - Highly versatile, two component latex cementitious membrane designed for a range of waterproofing applications including internal and external wet areas, immersed and subterranean areas.
  • Gripset 38FC - fibre reinforced SBR latex membrane designed for waterproofing internal and external wet areas under tiles, toppings and overlay finishes.
  • Gripset P39 -  High performance polyurethane hybrid membrane for exposed, external applications, or under tiles.
  • Gripset Xpress Multi Pro - Water Based Elastromeric Membrane for Under Tile & Exposed Applications.
  • Laticrete HYDRO BAN - Single component, thin, load-bearing, waterproofing/crack isolation, liquid rubber polymer membrane.
  • Sikalastic 1K - One component, flexible, fibre reinforced cementitious mortar for external and below ground use.
  • SikaTite Undertile - Fast curing, single component, class 3 synthetic rubber waterproofing membrane.
  • Tremco Vulkem NEM (Non-Exposed Membrane) - One-Part, Solvent-Based, Single Coat, Polyurethane Waterproofing Membrane for Bathrooms and Balconies.

Considerations when Selecting a Concealed Balcony Membrane System

Considerations when choosing an under tile waterproofing membrane system include:

  • Size of the balcony
  • Exposure conditions
  • Falls in the substrate
  • Floor height considerations
  • Door detailing
  • Drainage provisions
  • Presence of obstructions such as service penetrations, downpipes, and other elements interfering with application of a membrane.

When deciding between liquid vs. sheet membranes, one of the main considerations is the size of the area and the complexity of the detailing around pipes, drains, air conditioners, and other obstructions.

Where waterproofing a large area with an unobstructed floor area, it is more economical to roll out a preformed sheet membrane. Conversely, if you have a small balcony area with many obstructions a liquid membrane would be more economical due to the ease in detailing around these obstructions.

It is also important to consider existing falls in the concrete floor or substrate as this will dictate whether the membrane should be applied above or below the screed.

Where falls in the existing substrate are poor, membrane application on top of the screed bed may be more appropriate to prevent ponding water below your screed. A waterproofing system on top of the screed will provide better drainage of the water to the appropriate outlets.

For above-screed membranes, ensure that the membrane system is suitable for direct stick of tiles and its compatible with the adhesives to be used. Also consider the time requirement associated with allowing the screed bed to dry before membrane application.

An epoxy moisture barrier can be used such as Ardex WPM 300 HydrEpoxy prior to membrane system application where screeds aren’t fully cured.

If the membrane is going to be installed below the screed, calculate the falls and heights of the tiles prior to membrane application. This allows marking out the perimeter membrane upturn heights to ensure compliance with AS 4654.2 for required termination height above the finished floor level.

Where the membrane is going to be exposed to prolonged moisture or frequent saturation, choose a membrane suited to ponding water and that does not re-emulsify after curing. Browse and compare all under tile waterproofing membrane products for concealed applications on external balcony decks (concealed) here.

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