Bluey Technologies BluCem HS60 UW

High strength underwater grout

BluCem HS60 UW is a one component cementitous powder which requires only the addition of water to form an underwater applied cementitous grout. BluCem HS60 UW has been designed as an anti-washout, highly fluid and self compacting, long pump life product suitable for civil engineering applications. BluCem HS60 UW incorporates advanced superplasticisers and polymers to form a Class C dual shrinkage compensated, high strength and low permeability cementitious grout.
  • Overview

    Water-Based vs. Solvent-Based
    Chemical Base


  • Description


    • Pile reinstatement
    • Sea walls
    • Rock grouting
    • Marine repairs
    • Undersea void filling
    • Wharf upgrades
    • New marine structures
    • Port maintenance
    • Dams
    • Tunnels


    • Anti-washout
    • Long pump life
    • Class C dual shrinkage compensated
    • High strength
    • Low permeability
    • Suitable for 100 year design life applications
  • Performance

  • Compliances and Accreditations


    • AS 3972
    • AS 2758.0
  • Systems & Installation



    1.1 All defective host substrate must be removed prior to application. Defective material includes cracked or structurally weakened surfaces and also chloride contaminated and carbonated concrete. A concrete corrosion expert must be consulted for critical projects or structural applications. Host concrete must be roughened and aggregate exposed to ensure good bond. Mechanical chipping or shot blasting of the surface is recommended for this purpose. All surfaces must be free of dust, oils and surface contaminants.


    2.1 Measure and place 80% of the specified volume of potable water to the high shear mixing vessel. Start mixer and slowly add BluCem HS60 UW powder. If powder addition is too fast then large lumps will form and final mix will be slow reaching uniform consistency. Following addition of all powder, mix for 1 - 2 minutes or until uniform consistency then add final 20% of potable water. More or less water may be added within the ratio limits specified on this data sheet.


    3.1 The mix water’s temperature should be kept as low as possible to prevent the grout from hydrating too rapidly.
    3.2 As with the water temperature, the higher the air temperature the more quickly the grout hydrates and sets. Bluey Technologies specify mixing times and set times at an ambient temperature of 20ºC. These times vary with temperature fluctuations, and adjustments will be required to compensate for this. Exposing the pumping hoses to the sun on a hot day accelerates the product’s set time. In some cases it may be necessary to cool the material, the mix water, or even the hose itself during the process and pre-planning the storage of all materials to keep the temperature as low as possible.
    3.3 High-shear mixing can add 1 to 2ºC per minute of mixing. In order to minimise this effect, add all ingredients to the mixer as quickly as possible and minimise prolonged batch-mixing procedures.
    3.4 It is estimated that every 10ºC increase in temperature will halve the product set time. Likewise every 10ºC reduction will double the set time. These set time variances may have detrimental consequences for the final set product and Bluey Technologies should be consulted where extreme temperatures are anticipated.


    4.1 Once the grout has been mixed you need an effective pumping method to deliver it to the area of application. Various models of batch mixers and continuous mixers are available for use, all with varying specifications. It is important to match your application’s specifics with the capabilities of the mixer and pump. Bluey Technologies are able to recommend the right mixer for your project.
    4.2 Once the site is ready for grout placement, commence pumping. It is important to pump continuously and avoid the formation of cold joints.
    4.3 Clean down the machinery and surrounding areas on a regular basis to prevent grout blocking lines and pumps. Following completion, dispose of excess production material in consideration of the environment.


    5.1 The product may be poured or pumped into place. Check formwork for leaks prior to mixing and application of grout. Do not exceed the maximum application thicknesses specified in this data sheet for any wet layer. Best practice in placing underwater grouts is to always have the delivery end of the pump line immersed into the placed grout. This will minimise risk of water infiltration into the grout. Consult Bluey Technologies for further information about aggregate addition for large volume pours.


    6.1 No special curing techniques are required.

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  • Spec Clause

    Spec Clause

    HIGH STRENGTH UNDERWATER GROUT - The underwater applied cementitious grout used for this project shall be a one component cementitious powder which requires only the addition of water to form a non-dispersing underwater applied product. It shall be a pre-blended product that has independent testing to validate the performance outlined in the technical data table on the following pages. BluCem HS60 UW manufactured by Bluey Technologies or equivalent shall be accepted.

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    Bluey Technologies BluCem HS60 UW

    High strength underwater grout

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