Bluey Technologies BluSeal AD50

Silane-modified polymer construction adhesive for ultra-bond civil engineering applications

BluSeal AD50 is a silane-modified polymer which cures when exposed to the atmosphere to form a flexible, easy to apply, single component, high bond compound. BluSeal AD50 is designed to be used as a stand-alone joint sealant or otherwise in conjunction with BluSeal JS50. Combination with BluSeal JS50 will create an ultra-high movement capable joint seal for fixing between concrete elements where large differential deflections are expected. Due to its excellent bonding capabilities, even in damp environments, BluSeal AD50 is particularly suitable for underground civil engineering applications.
  • Description


    • Structural adhesion
    • Movement joint sealing
    • Architectural fixing
    • Damp area adhesion
    • TBM gasket adhesion
    • Road reflectors (Cats eyes)


    • Suitable for bonding to moist surfaces, even underwater
    • Solvent and silicone free
    • Odourless
    • No isocyanates and plasticiser based on phthalate
    • Low shrinkage
    • Durable
    • Extreme temperature variation tolerant
    • Ultra high bonding
    • Adheres to a wide range of substrates
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    1.1 All defective host substrate must be removed prior to application. Defective material includes cracked or structurally weakened surfaces and also chloride contaminated and carbonated concrete. The surfaces shall not contain substances containing tar, as otherwise the adhesion is reduced. The application on fresh bitumen is not recommended for the same reasons. On old bitumen an adhesion can be reached of maximum 0.45 N/mm2 , as long as the surface is free of grease. A concrete corrosion expert must be consulted for critical projects or structural applications.
    1.2 Host concrete must be roughened and aggregate exposed to ensure good bond. High pressure water blasting or mechanical chipping of the surface is recommended for this purpose.
    1.3 All surfaces must be free of dust, oils and surface contaminants. This may require steam cleaning or high pressure water blasting if site conditions permit.


    2.1 For permeable surfaces and to achieve higher bond in general, please contact Bluey for a range of suitable primers.


    3.1 Placement of BluSeal AD50 can be completed using hand cartridges.


    4.1 After suitable joint and substrate preparation, BluSeal AD50 is gunned or trowelled into place. Application areas must be properly formed ready for final placement. The recommended forming material is polyethylene tape.


    5.1 BluSeal AD50 cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture. The reaction starts at the surface and progresses towards the centre of the cross section. The curing speed depends on the relative humidity and the temperature. At low temperatures the water content of the air is lower and the curing reaction proceeds more slowly

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    Spec Clause

    SILANE-MODIFIED POLYMER ADHESIVE - The high bond adhesive used for this project shall be a one component thixotropic paste which requires only careful application to form a durable high bond product. It shall be pre-packaged and tested to achieve the technical requirements outlined in the technical data table detailed below in accordance with the standards shown. BluSeal AD50 manufactured by Bluey Technologies or similarly performing products may be accepted for use on this project.

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    Bluey Technologies BluSeal AD50

    Flexible, adhered EPDM joint sealing membrane

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