GCP Applied Technologies ELIMINATOR

Cold-applied, spray-applied MMA waterproofing system for use on concrete and steel bridge decks

ELIMINATOR is a high performance waterproofing membrane for the protection of concrete and steel bridge decks based on Stirling Lloyd, now GCP’s unique ESSELAC advanced resin technology and extensive experience in the development of coatings for specialist waterproofing. It cures rapidly to provide a tough, flexible seamless membrane impervious to water and waterborne contaminants. ELIMINATOR has been used to waterproof thousands of structures successfully throughout the world.
  • Description


    ELIMINATOR  protects concrete and steel structures from the corrosive effects of water and chloride ions. Typical applications include:

    • Concrete Bridge Decks
    • Steel Bridge Decks
    • Bridge Piers
    • Bridge Service Ducts
    • Culverts

    ELIMINATOR  is installed in conjunction with Stirling Lloyd, now GCP Applied Technologies, proprietary primers, ensuring a high bond between substrate and membrane. For highway bridges a range of compatible tack coats promote adhesion between membrane and surfacing. The membrane can be trafficked for limited durations when required. Please discuss with GCP Technical Services if considering this application.


    • Long and effective life
    • Able to withstand high humidity and cures rapidly even at low temperatures enabling all year round application
    • Rapid application and re-access
    • Crack-bridging across wide temperature range
    • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance
    • High bond to substrate, preventing tracking of water under membrane.
    • High thixotropy for application to vertical and horizontal surfaces
    • Seamless, and chemically bonds to itself
    • Two colour-coded coats assure highest quality system minimising defects
    • Withstands 480°F pavement placement on the cured membrane
    • Tough – tolerant to direct ballast loading without protection board. Conforms to AREMA Specifications Chapter 29-2-6, 2.3.10
    • Quality Assured –  ISO 9001 certified manufacturing location
    • Applied only by authorised and trained contractors


    ELIMINATOR liquid resin components are classified as flammable liquid (flashpoint 11.5°C) and must be handled accordingly. Workers should wear appropriate protective clothing. Adequate ventilation must be provided. Please refer to the most recent Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for recommendations.

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  • Compliances and Accreditations


    • AREMA Specifications Chapter 29-2-6, 2.3.10
    • European Technical Assessment (British Board of Agrément)
    • ISO 9001
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    GCP Applied Technologies ELIMINATOR

    Cold-applied, spray-applied MMA waterproofing system for use on concrete and steel bridge decks

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