Geofabrics Bitac

High strength waterproofing and reinforcing tape used in road repairs and bridge/culvert joint waterproofing


Bitac is a high strength tape used in concrete and asphalt road pavements. It is used to control crack reflection as well as provide stress relief and waterproofing of joints. It can also be used to seal concrete joints found in bridge decks and precast concrete box culverts. Bitac consists of a self-adhesive geotextile that is impregnated with bitumen. This combination gives the product a rugged durability and high conformity to road surfaces. It has high strength and high elongation properties to ensure the waterproofing function and stress relief performance is maintained under the expected traffic loads.
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    Chemical Base


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    • Asphalt Reinforcement for Ageing Pavements:
      Bitac geotextile strips are used to patch localised pavement cracks before the new surface seal is applied. Bitac acts as a waterproofing, stress-relieving membrane between the old road surface and the new seal, providing a long-term solution for ageing road surfaces. The strips are available in compact rolls allowing for fast, easy application by hand.
    • Culverts:
      The loss of fill material between the joints of the culvert units leads to settlement of surface materials above the joint. Bitac provides a flexible barrier to prevent the movement of fine material through the joints, thus stabilising the entire structure.
    • Bridge decks:
      Bitac multi-laminate tape provides an effective long-term waterproofing function for construction joints on new and existing concrete bridge decks.


    • Bitac is self-adhesive and can be applied quickly and easily by hand.
    • Bitac is quality guaranteed and will not shrink at high temperatures.
    • It is simple to install, has proven performance over many years and is a cost-effective solution.
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    • Remove all dirt, water, grease and loose material from the surface.
    • Cracks larger than 10 mm wide should be cleaned and filled with an approved filler.
    • Larger cracks or holes should be patched with a suitable slurry or hot or cold mix.

    STEP 2. APPLICATION OF Bitac® PRIMER (if required*)

    • Prime the surface, using Bitac® primer, by brush or roller at an application rate of 4m2/litre (minimum).
    • Coverage width should exceed the Bitac® strip by 50 mm each side.
    • Allow the primer to touch dry.
    • Any primed areas not covered by Bitac® in 24 hoursmust be reprimed.


    • Remove the release paper at start of the roll and place the Bitac® strip in position.
    • Unroll by removing the release paper at the same time.
    • Compress the Bitac® strips to form the shape of thesurface and remove any air bubbles.
    • Roll all strips firmly into place to ensure a positive
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    Geofabrics Bitac

    High strength waterproofing and reinforcing tape used in road repairs and bridge/culvert joint waterproofing

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