Index Testudo 30

5 mm thick high performance reinforced elastoplastomeric polymer bitumen waterproofing membrane.


Coverage: 8.87 m²/sheet

Testudo 30 membrane is characterised by a high resistance to puncture and is therefore particularly suitable for single layer waterproofing systems where high mechanical resistance is required. Application of road asphalt may be applied directly to the completed membrane.
  • Overview

    Why we like it: Index Testudo 30 can be used on bridge decks in a single layer application and directly under hot pour asphalt, making it easy to install on road bridges with quick return to service time.


  • Description


    Particularly suitable for single layer waterproofing systems where high mechanical resistance is required, such as: „

    • Bridge decks
    • Road ways
    • Viaducts
    • Carparks
    • Foundations
    • Earthquake-proof foundations
    • Subways
    • Tunnels


    • Index membranes have over 25 years of proven performance throughout Australia.
    • Specifically selected for Australian conditions.
    • Low VOC - 7 grams per Litre. „
    • Handles ponding and permanently wet conditions „
    • No curing times. Instantly waterproof. „
    • 300 gram non-woven single strand spunbond polyester fabric reinforcement.
    • Excellent stability at both high and low temperatures „ Has excellent durability and flexibility.


    New concrete substrates should be allowed to cure for a minimum of 28 days prior to the installation.


    Testudo 30 is manufactured from distilled bitumen, selected for industrial use, with a high content of elastomeric and plastomeric polymer additives to obtain a phase inversion compound.

    The performance of the compound is therefore incremented along with the durability and the resistance to high and low temperatures while the already optimum adhesive and impermeable qualities of the bitumen remain unchanged.

    Testudo 30 is reinforced with a high weight (300 gm), isotropic, thermally fixed, rot-proof, non-woven single strand spunbond polyester fabric. This ensures a very strong membrane with notable ultimate elongation and an optimal resistance to puncture and piercing.

    The top face of Testudo 30 is coated with a uniformly distributed, fine, serigraphed talc, a patented treatment.

    This enables quick unrolling and installation of the membrane with reliable and fast welding of the joints. The underside of the membrane is coated with Flamina and embossing. The Flamina is a plastic film that melts when torched. The embossing maintains the pre-tension and optimal retraction of the film and allows the torch a greater surface area for faster and more reliable installation.

  • Performance



    VOC Content: 7 g/L

  • Compliances and Accreditations


    No compliance information available.

  • Systems & Installation


    Single Layer Waterproofing System

    Primer: Index Bitumen Primer (0.13 L/m2, 1 hour drying time @ 25oC.
    1st layer: Index Testudo 30
    Topping: Hot pour asphalt applied directly over membrane.


    Surface preparation

    All surfaces receiving the Testudo 30 membrane must be firm, dry, and free from contaminants and loose material. It must also be even and smooth, without any elements that could damage the membrane. Rough concrete must be “faired up” before commencing application. Contact your local Parchem office for suitable fairing products from our extensive range.


    Index Bitumen Primer should be applied to all the prepared surfaces prior to the application of the membrane and allowed to dry. The primer will take at least one hour to dry at temperatures 25°C and above. At lower temperatures allow additional drying time. Index Bitumen Primer should be applied at the rate of approximately 0.13 l/m² to the surface to which Testudo 30 will be applied. The coverage rate for the primer will vary depending on the porosity of the surface being treated. Primer may be applied by brush, roller or spray equipment, coverage must be uniform. Primed areas must be covered with the membrane on the same day.


    Planning the installation of the membrane is important to ensure joints occur in suitable locations. Testudo 30 membrane must be laid to allow side laps of 10 cm and end laps of 15 cm. Application of the membrane is by torch bonding using a suitable gas torch. The membrane is applied with the surface protected by the Flamina facing down towards the substrate, during the application of the gas flame the Flamina will melt away. Beginning at the lowest point of the deck area and working in the direction of the slope towards the highest point. The first roll of membrane is unrolled completely and aligned, remaining rolls should be unrolled approx. halfway in order to properly align the 10 cm side lap and ensure the required 15 cm end lap is maintained. Starting at the low point in the deck apply heat by the gas torch to the outer surface of the rolled portion of membrane while un-rolling, move the flame from side to side while unrolling the membrane by slightly pressing it onto the underlying surface. Avoid shifting the roll while unrolling. Follow the edge of the deck or the lap line. In order to have a smooth and even seal at the joint, apply the flame to the bleed out and the trowel simultaneously and spread the melted compound evenly to seal the joint. Proceed torching the remaining membrane as described above, working your way to the highest point on the deck always maintaining the 10 cm side lap and 15 cm end lap. On completion of the membrane installation all exposed perimeter edges must be mechanically fixed or terminated under a flashing.


    Application of the road asphalt may be applied directly to the completed membrane, the tarmacadam acts as one body with the waterproofing membrane: therefore the laying temperature must be high and the tarmacadam compacted immediately by a roller.

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  • Spec Clause

    Spec Clause

    Where so designated on the drawing, the surfaces shall be covered with a torch applied, polyester reinforced, polymer modified bituminous waterproofing membrane.

    The membrane shall be reinforced with non-woven polyester fabric and be based on distilled bitumen and polymers. Such a product is Testudo 30 as supplied by Parchem. Areas shall be prepared and the membrane applied in accordance with the current Testudo 30 Technical Data Sheet, all materials used in conjunction with the Testudo 30 membrane must be approved by Parchem Construction Products.

    Application of the membrane should be carried out by a competent applicator, well trained in the application of modified bitumen torch applied membrane systems.

    Or DOWNLOAD Detailed Specification Sheet

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  • Projects & Installers

    Project Showcase

    Warrandyte Bridge, Victoria

    Index Fidia P, used as a ‘sacrificial’ membrane and Index Testudo 30, used as the primary waterproofing membrane on the bridge deck under hot pour asphalt.

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    Index Testudo 30

    3 mm elastomeric, torch applied membrane, reinforced with rot-proof non-woven polyester stabilised with glass mat

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