Laticrete HYDRO BAN

Single component, thin, load-bearing, waterproofing/crack isolation, liquid rubber polymer membrane

HYDRO BAN® is a thin, load bearing waterproofing/crack isolation membrane that DOES NOT require the use of fabric in the field, coves or corners. HYDRO BAN is a single component self curing liquid rubber polymer that forms a flexible, seamless waterproofing membrane that bonds directly to a wide variety of substrates. HYDRO BAN is a certified low VOC emitting product. HYDRO BAN is a highly extensible Class 3 membrane suitable for Immersed Installations, Internal Wet Areas and External Above Ground use.
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    • Interior and exterior use.
    • Residential internal wet area work.
    • Swimming pools, fountains & water features.
    • Shower recesses, stalls and surrounds.
    • Industrial and commercial bathrooms and laundries.
    • Spas and hot tubs
    • Kitchens and food processing areas.
    • Terraces and balconies over occupied spaces.
    • Counter tops and facades
    • Steam rooms when used in conjunction with a vapour barrier


    • Allows for fast time to flood test* .
    • Does not require the use of fabric.
    • Bonds directly to copper, steel, stainless steel and PVC for flashing to plumbing fixtures only.
    • Thin; only 0.6 mm – 0.9 mm thick when cured.
    • Changes in colour from a light sage to an olive green when dry.
    • Changes in colour works as coverage guide during application.
    • Anti-fracture protection of up to 3 mm over shrinkage and other non-structural cracks† .
    • “Extra Heavy Service” rating per ASTM C627 “Robinson Floor Test”.
    • Inhibits stain-causing mould and mildew growth in the substrate with antimicrobial product protection.
    • Rapid drying for faster time to tile.
    • Lighter colour for ease of inspection.
    • Safe - no solvents and non-flammable.
    • Install tile, brick and stone directly onto membrane.
    • Can be fully immersed - permanently.

    † For gaps 3 mm or less see Data Sheet TDS1003 * Refer to cautions section for more information on curing.


    • Gypsum wallboard*
    • Cement Backer Board^
    • Cement Renders & Plasters
    • Cement Mortar Beds
    • Concrete
    • Cement Terrazzo**
    • Ceramic Tile and Stone**
    • Cement and Brick Masonry**
    • Exterior Glue Radiata Plywood*

    * Interior application only. ** If skim coated with a LATICRETE® latex thin-set mortar. ^ Consult cement backer board manufacturer for specific installation recommendations and to verify acceptability for exterior use. ~ Some coated or treated boards may be suitable with further preparation. Consult LATICRETE.


    • Do not bond to OSB, particle board, Luan, Masonite® or hardwood surfaces.
    • Adhesives/mastics, mortars and grouts for ceramic tile, pavers, brick and stone are not replacements for a waterproof membrane. When a waterproof membrane is required, use HYDRO BAN® .
    • The Installation of waterproofing membranes in submerged applications must be installed in a manner that creates a continuous "waterproof pan effect" without voids or interruptions. Therefore, applying waterproof membranes in limited areas (e.g. solely at the waterline) in submerged applications is not recommended.
    • Must be covered with ceramic tile, stone, brick, dry pack thick bed mortar beds (non-submerged applications), terrazzo or other traffic bearing finish. Use protection board for temporary cover.
    • Not for use beneath cement or other plaster finishes. Consult with plaster manufacturer for their recommendations when a waterproofing membrane is required under plaster finishes.
    • Not for use under self levelling underlayments or decorative wear surfaces.
    • Surfaces must be structurally sound, stable and rigid enough to support ceramic/ stone tile, thin brick and similar finishes
    • Substrate deflection under all live, dead and impact loads, including concentrated loads, must not exceed L/360 for thin bed ceramic tile/brick installations or L/480 for thin bed stone installations and L/600 for all exterior veneer applications where L=span length.
    • Do not use over dynamic expansion joints, structural cracks or cracks with vertical differential movement (See HYDRO BAN® How To Installation Guide, TDS1003, for complete instructions).
    • Do not use over cracks >3 mm in width.
    • Do not use as a vapour barrier (especially in steam rooms).
    • Do not expose unprotected membrane to sun or weather for more than 30 days.
    • Do not expose to negative hydrostatic pressure, excessive vapour transmission, rubber solvents or ketones.
    • Do not install over plywood tubs/showers/fountains or similar constructs.
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    Laticrete HYDRO BAN

    Single component, thin, load-bearing, waterproofing/crack isolation, liquid rubber polymer membrane

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