Parchem Emer-Proof HD

1.65 mm Woven Polypropylene-Surfaced, Bituminous Self-Adhesive Membrane for Use Under Asphalt

Emer-Proof HD is a self adhesive bituminous membrane incorporating a polypropylene mesh for added strength and heat stability. The bitumen compounds used to manufacture the product are modified with SBS to promote maximum elasticity. The top face of the membrane is treated with a protective film which is removed prior to use, for ease of application and handling.
  • Description


    Emer-Proof HD is used to waterproof bridge decks, ramps, car parks, and road pavements where the membrane will be overlaid with hot asphalt.


    •  Self adhesive - allows installation without the use of heating torches while providing a fully bonded membrane system
    • Suitable for the application of hot asphalt up to 165C directly over the membrane
    • Uniform thickness - eliminates any likelihood of thin application commonly found with liquid applied membranes
    • Contains a polypropylene mesh for extra strength, puncture resistance and dimensional stability
    • Selvedge strip provides bitumen to bitumen seal at longitudinal joins ensuring watertight seal


    Do not apply Emer-Proof HD to uncured/green concrete or to concrete with high moisture content levels. In such applications blistering of the membrane may occur due to vapour pressure building up at the interface of the membrane and the substrate. Similarly, Emer-Proof HD should not be applied to substrates subject to hydrostatic pressure from below the membrane.

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    Primer: Emer-Proof Self Adhesive Primer (30 mins drying time)

    1st layer: Emer-Proof HD

    Asphalt overlay: A minimum of 50 mm compacted overlay is recommended.


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  • Spec Clause

    Spec Clause

    Where so designated on the drawing, surfaces shall have a self-adhesive SBS modified bituminous waterproof membrane applied. The membrane shall have a total thickness 1.65 mm and incorporate a polypropylene mesh and a top layer protective film. The membrane must have a tensile strength of not less than 9 MPa, and an elongation at break greater than 50%. The puncture resistance must be greater than 900 N (ASTM E154) and the adhesion to primed concrete must be greater than 4MPa. Such a product is Emer-Proof HD as supplied by Parchem. Areas shall be prepared and the membrane applied in accordance with the current Emer-Proof HD data sheet, paying attention to priming requirements. Both the manufacturer and supplier must be ISO 9001 accredited.

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    Parchem Emer-Proof HD

    1.65 mm Woven Polypropylene-Surfaced, Bituminous Self-Adhesive Membrane for Use Under Asphalt

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