Fosroc Nitoproof 310

Fibre Enhanced Water Based Latex Membrane for Internal and External Wet Areas (Under Tiles)

$15-$18/m² (2 coats)

Coverage: 1.5 litres/m² (2 coats)

Nitoproof 310 is a fibre enhanced single component water based latex membrane that has been designed for a range of waterproofing applications where the membrane is to be covered over with tiles, screeds, concrete beds. Nitoproof 310 provides a user friendly single component membrane that achieves good film build, with reinforced and elastomeric properties once the membrane has dried. Nitoproof 310 offers excellent adhesion properties over many primed building substrates. It is fully compatible with polymer modified cement based tiles adhesives, screeds and renders.
  • Overview

    Why we like it: This water-based rubber membrane is fibre reinforced to provide a very high tensile strength of 5 MPa whilst still maintaining Class 3 elongation properties.


  • Description


    Nitoproof 310 is ideally suited as a general purpose indoor/outdoor under tile wet area membrane.

    • Wet areas and shower alcoves
    • Under tile balcony areas
    • Under tile terrace areas
    • Sandwich seal between existing and new substrates, e.g. old to new concrete; cement screeds over concrete and CFC surfaces


    • Low VOC
    • Non-hazardous
    • Elastomeric and flexible with good tensile strength properties
    • Once cured will not re-emulsify
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Excellent adhesion to primed surfaces
    • Compatible bonding properties for tile adhesives screeds and renders


    • Nitoproof 310 is not designed for use as a UV exposed membrane.
    • Nitoproof 310 should not be applied when surface temperatures are below 5 deg C or above 30 deg C.
    • Application of all liquid applied membranes and primers should always refer to the surface temperature conditions before commencing and not just ambient temperatures.
    • Nitotile Flex polymer modified cement based tile adhesive is recommended for direct adhesion to the membrane.
  • Performance



    VOC Content: 17 g/L

  • Compliances and Accreditations


    • AS/NZS 4858:2004 Wet Area Membrane as a Class III membrane
    • AS 3740:2010 Waterproofing of Wet Areas Within Residential Buildings
  • Systems & Installation


    Primer (concrete & masonry): Fosroc Nitoprime 120 (6-8 m2/L, 30 mins drying time @ 23°C: 50% RH)
    Primer (timber, ceramic tile, metals, plastics): Fosroc Nitoprime 115 (10-12 m2/L, 30 mins drying time @ 23°C: 50% RH)
    Bond breaker: Fosroc Nitoband Elastic Joint Band System
    1st coat: Fosroc Nitoproof 310 (0.75 mm WFT) (2-4 hours drying time until 2nd coat)
    2nd coat: Fosroc Nitoproof 310 (0.75 mm WFT) (24 hours at 25°C until tiling)
    Tile adhesive: Fosroc Nitotile Flex


    The coverage figures are theoretical – due to wastage factors and the variety and nature of possible substrates, practical coverage figures may be substantially reduced.

    Drying Times @ 23°C


    Surface preparation

    Surfaces must be clean, sound, stable and free of: loose foreign material; existing coatings; laitance; release agents; curing compounds and oil/grease residues.

    All screw / nail heads must be sealed with Nitoseal SC100 and all sheet joints must be covered with Nitoband Tape and associated detailing accessories if required (e.g. internal / external corners and pipe detailing collars) or Nitoseal PU250 or Nitoseal PU400, in conjunction with a bond breaking tape as mentioned under the heading Cracks). See Nitoband Tape System technical data sheet or Nitoseal PU250 or PU400.

    Also remove any protrusions from the surface that may pierce the membrane.


    Substrates must be primed, prior to the application of Nitoproof 310 membrane:

    Primer choice is defined by substrate requirements:

    • For porous masonry surfaces, Nitoprime 120 should be applied at approx. 7m²/L (see TDS for further details)
    • For non-porous substrates, such as CFC, wet area timber, ceramic tile, metals and plastics, Nitoprime 115 should be applied at approx. 12m²/L (see TDS for further details)

    Damp surfaces - entrapped moisture

    Seek technical advice from Parchem.

    Movement joints

    All expansion and movement joints should be sealed with a suitable sealant, such as Nitoseal PU250 or Nitoseal PU400 and subsequently covered with polyethylene bond breaker tape. Consult Parchem Technical Services for advice on the best method for your application.


    Cracks larger than 2mm or structural shrinkage cracks must be firstly filled with a flexible polyurethane type sealant such as Nitoseal PU250 or Nitoseal PU400 and then a 50mm wide polyethylene tape placed over the crack prior to the application of Nitoproof 310.

    Alternatively the cracks can simply be covered with the Nitoband Tape system. See Nitoband Tape system technical data sheet.

    Nitoband Tape, Corners and Detailing Accessories

    The Nitoband Tape System has been specifically developed by Parchem as a superior bond breaker system to traditional sealants and bond breaker tapes.

    The Nitoband Tape System includes tape (for change of direction – such as wall/wall and wall/floor joints etc.), both 270° external and 90° internal corners, an adjustable internal Corner as well as three (3) size variations on pipe detailing squares (suitable from 6mm > 150mm pipe diameters).

    Parchem nominates the Nitoband Tape System which includes tape, corners and pipe penetration detailing squares as their preferred bond breaking system.

    If a sealant is required, Parchem nominates either Nitoseal PU250 or Nitoseal PU400 sealants used in conjunction with a bond breaking tape.


    Nitoproof 310 membrane should be lightly stirred before using. Make sure not to entrain any air while stirring.

    Membrane Application

    Apply the first coat of Nitoproof 310 to the primed surface using a thick brush or roller.

    For details, install Nitoband tape corners and accessories (as per separate Nitoband Tape System Technical Data Sheet).

    After waiting the required 2 to 4 hours (@23°C) re-coat time, re-apply a second coat of Nitoproof 310 at 90° to the first coat, ensuring complete coverage is achieved and no air bubbles exist.

    A third coat may be required if imperfections are present in the membrane.

    Conduct a final inspection on the surface of the membrane prior to commencing tiling to ensure no pinholes exist.

    Once the waterproofing is completed, do not disturb the area for at least 24 hours. Tiling can commence approximately 24 hours after last coat, in which case Nitotile Flex tile adhesive should be used.


    Product while in a wet state will clean up with water. Once dried, product will need to be removed by Fosroc Solvent 10 or by mechanical means.

    Splashes of Nitoproof 310 water based membrane on paintwork etc. should be wiped off immediately using a cloth dampened with a strong detergent solution. Brushes and brooms etc. should be soaked in a strong detergent solution immediately after application has finished. Hands and skin may be cleaned using a proprietary waterless hand cleaner, but prevention of soiling is better practice by wearing gloves and overalls.

  • Compatible Products

    Fosroc Nitotile Flex

    Rubber modified, flexible, white, cement based ceramic tile adhesive for use with Nitoproof liquid applied membrane systems

    Fosroc Nitoband

    Elastic joint band bond breaker for sealing critical movement zones in Class I, Class II and Class III areas

  • Spec Clause

    Spec Clause

    Where so designated on the drawings, surfaces shall have a liquid applied, flexible waterproofing membrane which is based on a latex compound. The membrane shall be Nitoproof 310

    Areas shall be prepared and the membrane applied in accordance with the current Nitoproof 310 Technical Data Sheet.


    DOWNLOAD Detailed Specification Clause

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    Fosroc Nitoproof 310

    Elastic joint band bond breaker for sealing critical movement zones in Class I, Class II and Class III areas

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