Fosroc Nitoproof 510

Water Borne Epoxy Membrane / Barrier for Below Ground and Negative Pressure Applications

$14-$18/m² (2 coats)

Coverage: 0.7 litres/m² (2 coats)

Fosroc Nitoproof 510 is a grey, two component, matt to semi-gloss epoxy coating. When applied at 300 microns dry film thickness will provide a tenaciously bonded coating controlling the transmission of liquid moisture.
  • Overview

    Why we like it: Fosroc Nitoproof 510 is a versatile low VOC, water-based epoxy which can be applied to damp surfaces on a wide range of substrates such as stone, timber, CFC sheeting and masonry. It is anti-microbial and complies with AS 4020 meaning, when dried, it is safe for use in contact with potable water.


  • Description


    • Interior faces of walls
    • Floors
    • Basements
    • Tunnels
    • Cellars
    • Retaining walls
    • Lift wells
    • Underground car parks


    • Solvent Free
    • Very Low VOC Emission
    • Anti-microbial Formulation
    • Compatible with damp substrates
    • Compatible bonding of most subsequently applied coatings, bonding agents, and water based adhesives
    • Water based with no odour or volatile emissions
    • Easy clean up using water
    • Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates including, concrete, brick, masonry, block, compressed fibre board, stone and timber
    • Readily sanded if required
  • Performance


  • Compliances and Accreditations


    • AS/NZS 4020:2005 (unverified)
  • Systems & Installation


    1st coat: Fosroc Nitoproof 510 @ 150 microns DFT (2 hours recoat time)
    2nd coat: Fosroc Nitoproof 510 @ 150 microns DFT (24 hours drying time @ 20 degrees Celsius until touch dry)
    Full cure 7 days @ 20 degrees Celsius


    Surface preparation

    It is essential that Nitoproof 510 be applied to a sound, clean substrate, free of previous coatings, grease, oil, dirt, adhesives, laitance and any other surface contamination.

    A variety of methods can be used in the surface preparation, and is dependent on the state and type of contamination. This can range from high pressure water blasting to mechanical scarification. Any holes, non structural cracks etc should be repaired with the appropriate repair mortar.

    Very dry and highly porous surfaces should be sprayed with a fine mist of water prior to the application of the first coat of Nitoproof 510.


    Individually mix each component Base and Hardener to homogenous state prior to combining. Ensure the mixing paddle is changed before mixing the second part.

    Add equal parts 1:1 by volume of the Base and Hardener in a total volume suitable for application within the pot life of the product. Mix for another 3 minutes with a slow speed power stirrer, until a uniform mix is achieved, avoiding aeration of the material.

    It is advisable to allow the mixed product to stand for five to fifteen minutes before application.


    Spread the material with a suitable squeegee or stiff nylon broom, working the Nitoproof 510 into the surface to ensure total absorption into any pin holes and voids. Finish off using a medium to long nap roller. Spray application is also acceptable. Care must be taken to ensure the required application rates are achieved to obtain the minimum dry film thickness per coat.

    If the first coat is to be spray applied an addition of 10% water will assist spraying and penetration.


    Cured at room temperature Nitoproof 510 will be ready to accept foot traffic next day.

    Nitoproof 510 has been formulated to show optimum curing and application characteristics in the temperature range from 15 - 25°C. At lower temperature the rate of cure will slow down considerably and at higher temperatures the working life of the mixed composition will be reduced.

    Complete cure is normally achieved after 7 day @ 20°C.

    In general, it is not advisable to use water-based coatings under conditions of low temperature and high humidity.

    Clean Up

    Clean up of brushes, roller sleeves and spraying equipment is by means of soapy water.


    Nitoproof 510 20 litre 2 component pack
    Nitoproof 510 Part A FC000610-10L
    Nitoproof 510 Part B FC000611-10L


    300 μm is the minimum theoretical dry film thickness to be achieved to ensure all the advertised performance properties of Nitoproof 510 are met. This is achieved by applying two coats at 3 m2/litre each coat (undiluted) and is dependent upon substrate porosity as to the final dry film build achieved.

    Total Coverage: 0.7 litre / m2 (total 2 coats) OR 1.43 m2 / L (total 2 coats)


    Shelf life / Storage Nitoproof 510 has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture if kept in a dry store in the original, unopened bags or packs. Refer to the Use by Date indicated on the packaging.

    Nitoproof 510 should be protected from frost.

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  • Spec Clause

    Spec Clause

    Apply Fosroc Nitoproof 510 water-based epoxy at a minimum dry film thickness of 300 microns total (minimum 2 coats) and in accordance with the manufacturer's technical data sheet. A minimum of 2 hours (temperature dependent) should elapse between the two coats and application of further coats or any subsequent products must occur within 3 days of application of the last coat.

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    Fosroc Nitoproof 510

    Water Borne Epoxy Membrane / Barrier for Below Ground and Negative Pressure Applications

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