Projex Cosmofin FG LLV

1.5 mm reinforced, single ply, UV-stable, fleece back, PVC membrane for bonded applications

Cosmofin is a reinforced high quality flexible PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) single ply sheet membrane that is manufactured in Germany by Wolfin Membranes. It is environmentally friendly, recyclable, UV Stable & has been widely used in Australia for over 18 years on a range of commercial & residential projects. The Cosmofin membranes are 1.5mm thick, light grey and available with or without fleece backing allowing for all types of installation including bonded, loose laid, ballasted or mechanically fastened applications.
  • Description


    • Roof Decks (exposed, ballasted)
    • Green Roofs & Landscaped Areas (FLL Certified)
    • Balconies (tiled, pavers on support, timber decking)
    • Terraces
    • Basements
    • Planter boxes
    • Green walls
    • Retaining walls
    • Gutters – or as a pre-made gutter
    • Carpark and Driveway
    • Under-slab
    • Lift Pits
    • Expansion joints
    • Tunnel walls and bunkers
    • Podium slabs
    • Fountains and water features*
    • Dams*
    • Water envelopes*
    • Water detention tanks*

    * Not suitable for potable water situation


    • Manufactured & engineered in Germany
    • Can be installed over damp substrates
    • Can be used in new & remedial applications
    • Excellent stockholding in Australia
    • UV stable
    • Hot air welded overlaps/connections
    • Customised foam adhesive (LLV) for bonding
    • Plant roots resistant (FLL tested & Din En 13948)
    • High puncture & impact resistance
    • Recyclable
    • Excellent dimensional stability
    • Welds directly to PVC pipes
    • Complete ancillary system
    • 5 x standard profiles available-Specials made to order
    • Hot Air & Solvent Weldable
    • Free of Toxins and Heavy Metals
    • Can be strip bonded, loose laid or mechanically fastened
    • Safe in Permanently Wet Areas
    • Acid, Alkali & Micro-organism Resistant
    • Can be overlaid with Projex Walkway Matting to provide a non-slip trafficable walking surface
  • Performance

  • Compliances and Accreditations


    • EN 13948
  • Systems & Installation

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  • Spec Clause

    Spec Clause

    The Scope of Work is the application of the waterproofing membrane to the [*areas to be waterproofed*] as indicated on the drawings. The membrane work is to include finishing at all perimeters as detailed and effective spanning of any expansion joints. Detail to all pipes, plinths, joints, edges and protrusions to ensure full waterproofing.

    The Waterproofing Membrane

    The membrane shall be Cosmofin FG LL or FG LLV, 1.5 mm thick, polyester reinforced PVC together with Cosmofin F, an unreinforced version of Cosmofin FG, which shall be used for detailing purposes.

    The main lap selvedges are to be free of exposed reinforcement when welding is complete and checked off. All junctions are to be homogeneously welded – adhesives or tapes are not to be used for jointing nor detailing to pipes, penetrations etc.

    Adhesion to Substrate

    The membrane can be strip-bonded to the substrate with TK400 adhesive recommended by the manufacturer. For full bonding, please contact Projex Group for recommended adhesives.

    Base Angles

    The perimeters of all deck areas at upturn bases are to be mounted with Cosmofin membrane coated steel angles, fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Upturn Terminations

    The upturns to all vertical faces are to be carried to the height(s) specified (nominally a minimum of 150 mm). The tops of all upturns are to be sealed off with the standard Cosmofin membrane coated steel profile, fitted to the structure before welding the membrane thereto, primed and sealed with one part urethane.

    Rainwater Outlets, Pipes and Protrusions

    Detail to all drains, pipes, conduits and similar connections all in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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  • Projects & Installers

    Project Showcase

    Rooftop Membrane Replacement, Bronte NSW

    The Cosmofin waterproofing system was specified & installed as the preferred waterproofing membrane to replace a failed liquid membrane on an exposed rooftop in Bronte. The Cosmofin membrane was installed directly over the failed membrane system negating the need & costs associated to remove it.

    Unfortunately, the poor initial choice of waterproofing products caused a lot of headaches to the building owner affecting the integrity of the structure and generating many costs in repairs.

    Cosmofin LLV (Fleece Backed for adhering) PVC sheet membrane was the ideal solution for this application because the membrane is UV Stable & is not affected by the corrosive & aggressive salt air environment as well as exhibiting excellent elongation properties. The Cosmofin LLV has been bonded to the roof & terminated with it’s own stainless steel ancillary components providing a total waterproof system.

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    Projex Cosmofin FG LLV

    1.5 mm reinforced, single ply, UV-stable, fleece back, PVC membrane for bonded applications

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