Sika - SikaTite BE

Water-based acrylic latex modified bitumen liquid-applied waterproofing membrane with very high elongation of 824%

SikaTite-BE is a water based bitumen emulsion modified with acrylic latex polymers. It can be applied as a waterproof membrane, sealant, protective coating or adhesive. It is designed for use underground, internal and immersed areas.
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    SikaTite-BE is suitable for use in commercial, residential, industrial, rural and automotive applications. Waterproofing applications include:

    • Retaining walls,
    • Cellars and basements.
    • Planter boxes.
    • Ponds, tanks and water features,
    • Gutter repairs
    • Roofing.
    • Silos.
    • Repair of existing bitumen surfaces and membranes

    SikaTite-BE can also be mixed with sand and cement to create waterproof screeds, renders, fillets and fillers.

    SikaTite-BE is suitable for application to common building substrates including concrete, render, masonry, fibre cement sheet, timber, clay brick, concrete block, aerated concrete, asphalt, treated metal and existing bitumen.


    • Water based, free of solvents and toxins.
    • Excellent waterproofing properties.
    • Can be used in varying thicknesses.
    • Excellent bonding capabilities.
    • Can be applied to damp surfaces.
    • Can be mixed with sand/cement to improve adhesion, tensile strength, flexibility, sound dampening and to create falls.
    • Approved for use in potable water (AS4020:1999)
    • Can be painted or coated over.
    • Easy to apply and work with.
    • Can be applied to a wide range of substrates.

    SikaTite-BE is subject to surface crazing when continuously exposed to UV light.
    SikaTite-BE cannot bond two non-porous substrates together. It requires one surface to be porous for proper curing.
    A minimum of 10 days curing is required before SikaTite-BE lined tanks can be filled with water.
    When using over existing paints, membranes and coatings, trials are recommended before applications.
    It is recommended that SikaTite-BE be coated with Sika RainTite, or other acrylics, early in the morning or late in the evening, when ambient and substrate temperatures are low.
    SikaTite-BE should not be used as a trafficable surface.
    Do not apply when rain is imminent.
    All finish coatings over this membrane must be water based and solvent
    free such as Sika RainTite.
    On block walls, for immersed areas and planters/subterranean areas,
    before the application of the membrane, the wall surface needs to be slurry sealed using a product such as Sika Latex in a cement slurry form, i.e. sand and cement, applied at approx. 1-2mm thick achieved using a medium grade sand in the slurry. This is to ensure pores of blocks are filled and more importantly the joints between blocks are properly sealed, as often mortar joints between blocks are face filled and have voids behind them which are weak points. All voids must be filled.
    Wall/floor junctions must be filleted using SikaTite-BE in a fillet form.This is formed by mortar 3:1 sand to cement, wet into working consistency then mix 1 part mortar to 2 parts SikaTite-BE. Trowel into position forming a curved fillet or 45 degree angle fillet. This is the point with the greatest head of pressure. Bond breaker beads using polyurethane or silicone sealant are not compatible with SikaTite-BE or suitable in this type of environment.
    In applications where tanks or garden beds are underground and have earth against the other side, the positive side, i.e. where earth is packed against, must be waterproofed first before attempting to seal the internal area. In the event the external side has already been backfilled and has not been waterproofed, a coating on the internal side which can handle negative pressure, such as Sikalastic-150 needs to be applied to prevent any blistering or bubbling from moisture vapours forming from the other side, before the application of SikaTite-BE.
    In confined, humid or cool areas where drying is restricted, it is recommended to incorporate a 5% cement slurry into the SikaTite-BE product to be applied, which will assist as a drying catalyst. Cement slurry consist of 50-50 portland cement and water., e.g. 1 litre slurry into 20 litre SikaTite-BE using an electric stirrer.
    If the surface is to have any traffic or resting of materials, heavy items placed over it, a protective layer using SikaTite-BE mixed with mortar should be applied over it to offer a harder wearing surface. SikaTite-BE is a soft flexible material and is not designed to have traffic over it nor any heavy items placed on it as it will always remain pliable with a low shore A hardness.
    Inareaswithlimitedcirculationaminimum21dayscuringshouldbe allowed for and if possible use fans or blowing apparatus to get some air circulation inside e.g. in a confined area with only a small manhole being the only point of air entry, the extended curing time and assisted air circulation is recommended.
    Tanks should be filled at quarter intervals if possible, enabling the first fill to assess if bottom section is waterproof, then fill to half way, etc etc.

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    Sika - SikaTite BE

    Water-based acrylic latex modified bitumen liquid-applied waterproofing membrane with very high elongation of 824%

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