Tremco TREMproof 3300 HD

Heavy Duty, Cold Applied, Bitumen Sheet Waterproofing Membrane for Below Ground

TREMproof 3300 HD is a cold-applied, SBS based bituminous waterproofing membrane that is self-protected with a high-density polypropylene (HDPE) facer.
  • Description


    • Retaining walls
    • Plaza decks
    • Bridges
    • Car parks
    • Airport runways
    • Tunnels


    • Easy installation - self adhesive.
    • Cold applied, no heat source required.
    • High puncture resistance.
    • Excellent heat resistance.
    • Can be overlaid with hot bitumen/asphalt.
    • Permanently flexible protection.
    • Self-protected eliminates the added cost and time of installing protection board against the membrane. ‰
    • Manufactured to a preset 1.5mm uniform thickness ensures the client that the membrane is installed to the correct thickness. ‰
    • 20 m2 rolls allow for large areas of the waterproofing to be installed with minimal seams, allowing for faster construction when compared to other methods. ‰
    • TREMproof 3300 HD can be back-filled against immediately after installation, allowing for accelerated construction


    • Not to be used as an exposed membrane system.
    • Not compatible with coal tar, TREMproof 201/60 or TREMproof 250GC.
    • Not compatible with polysulphide sealants.
    • Do not apply to damp or contaminated surfaces. ‰ The surface temperature for product application should be between 100 C - 300 C. The TREMproof 3300 HD will lose tack during cold temperatures and become more difficult to work with.
    •  Concrete shall be water-cured and attain a 20 MPa minimum compressive strength. Moisture content in the concrete must be lower than 4.5% as measured using a Tramex CME 4 Moisture Meter. Depending on concrete construction and job site location, additional concrete testing may be required. Please contact your local Tremco Representative. Pending environmental conditions, this moisture reading is usually achieved prior to 28 days. ‰
    • All surfaces must be structurally sound, free of dirt, grease, oil, release agents and or other contaminants. ‰
    • All surface imperfections, non-structural cracks etc should be repaired with an appropriate repair mortar from Tremco’s TREMcrete product range.



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    Below Ground

    Primer: Tremco Contact Adhesive
    1st layer: Tremco TREMproof 3300 HD
    (Self-protecting/no protection board required)

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    Tremco TREMproof 3300 HD

    Heavy Duty, Cold Applied, Bitumen Sheet Waterproofing Membrane for Below Ground

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