Tremco TREMproof Torch 3000

3 mm APP Modified Bituminous Torch Applied Waterproofing Membrane

TREMproof Torch 3000 is a 3mm thick, APP modified bituminous torch applied waterproofing membrane sheet which can be used as a base or intermediate sheet. TREMproof Torch 3000 is a heavy duty, high strength non-woven polyester mat, impregnated and coated with a tough APP polymer modified bitumen compound.
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    • Rooftops
    • Plaza decks
    • Retaining walls
    • Balconies
    • Terraces


    • Tested to AS4654.1 ensures product meets industry requirements and documentation.
    • APP Bitumen has a higher softening/melting point, making it more appropriate for roof applications compared to SBS Bitumen.
    • Consistent 1 m wide material allows for more accurate material quoting and more uniform material installation.
    • Low Filler Quantity assists with melting of the bitumen for ease of installation.


    TREMproof Torch 3000 is not recommended for:

    • Installation over existing membranes.
    • Installation on damp surfaces.
    • Installation in potable water areas.
    • TREMproof Torch 3000 is not to be used as an exposed and/ or trafficable membrane system.
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    • AS 4654.1
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    Project Showcase

    Deakin University

    Installed two layer membrane to planter boxes Tremproof 3000/Antiroot was used. Tremproof 90 was used on all stairs. Two layer Tremproof 3000 to podiums which had paving installed over the top. Project size was approximately 5345m2.

    There were many challenges on this project, none more so than the flashing details both inside and outside the planters.

    Internal flashing over the torch applied membrane was Tremproof 200EC, Tremproof 90 and Tremproof 120.

    External flashing over the torch applied membrane was Tremproof 200EC, Vulkem 350/351.

    Due to the shape of the planters and the Architects requirements we were unable to use conventional flashing on the project.

    Podiums - Tremproof 3000 2 layers = 3,468m2
    Planters - Tremproof 3000/Antiroot = 1,479m2
    Stairs - Tremproof 200EC/Tremproof 90 = 396m2

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    Tremco TREMproof Torch 3000

    4 mm APP Modified Bituminous Torch Applied Waterproofing Membrane

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